About Us

GoVinylGo is an independent, small business located in Tennessee. As vinyl fans ourselves, Go Vinyl Go provides customers with vinyl that has been properly handled and properly packaged for transportation.

Our Story

About 10 years ago, we started Go Vinyl Go. Initially, it was a part-time hobby business, but we realized our passion for all aspects of having a record shop, so we decided to jump and make it full-time.

We've studied a lot of companies and the ways they provide customer service and we try to apply what we've learned to providing exceptional care and service to music fans all around.

As fans ourselves, we try to provide all other fans with vinyl that has been properly handled, properly packaged for transportation and when issues arise, we treat customers as we would want to be treated.

Looking for Vinyl Mailers?

Check out our sister company, The Best Record Mailer!

Locally sourced in Tennessee, our mailers are designed for fast packing and will provide ultimate protection to LP's. Try us and your customers will thank you!

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